It is the philosophy of our work to take the provisional as seriously as the seemingly finished, to give space to the possible in the world of the factual. Development is otherwise unthinkable and development is what interests us. The focus of our work is the growing child in his early years, and we try to make the knowledge from research and professional experience fruitful for a section of the child’s life – the day care centers.

By far the most complex project on which we have focused our work over the past decade is the development of a comprehensive pedagogical concept for day care centers and its practical testing.

The infans concept of early childhood education offers a framework for pedagogical specialists in the elementary area, which has meanwhile become the basis of pedagogical work in over 1,500 day care centers – in Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg and German-speaking Switzerland. Initial scientific studies prove the positive effects of the concept both for the quality of work and for the development of the children.

The infans concept for working with children up to three years old has been expanded since 2013. Experience with this concept module and research data demonstrate a significant positive impact on the quality of pedagogical work in crèches.

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