In Switzerland, in cooperation with the association, the infans concept for crèches was further developed from 2009 to 2011 and its practicality tested in a two-year process.

Participants were 13 day nurseries from German-speaking Switzerland.

The Swiss infans cribs were also included in a comparative study by the Marie Meierhofer Institute in Zurich, which has also been completed.

In a contribution by Theres Hofmann (management, thkt) and Melanie Bolz (employee and specialist advice, thkt), the positive results of the study for the participating infans facilities are summarized.

See also: Wustmann Seiler, C. (2011). Project “Promotion of education and resilience in the early stage” – subproject “Quality measurement”: scale values ​​of external quality observations in the comparison group (C-Kitas). Unpublished manuscript. Zurich: Marie Meierhofer Institute for the Child.

As one of the then managing directors of the thkt family service, Kathrin Toberer explains in an article in the magazine undKinder (No. 95, 2015) why it is worthwhile for a wearer to invest in the quality of their daycare centers.

The city of Zurich has carried out a comparative project with 16 infans cribs and just as many cribs that work with the “educational and learning stories”.

The project was completed in August 2013. The short version of the final report “Educational orientation in daycare centers” by Doris Frei & Eliza Spirig Mohr from and Theres Hofman & Melanie Bolz from can be found on the homepage of the city of Zurich.

The state capital of Bern chose the infans concept for its municipal crèches. An implementation project ended in December 2012.

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