In Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Turkey, daycare centers, crèches and kindergartens work successfully with the infans concept of early childhood education.

We do not know all of these facilities from our own experience. We know from some of the current internships that they implement the infans concept in best practice. Others give us insight into the quality of their work through the professional exchange. Below we give you a small selection of successful infans practice, which we want to expand from time to time. We assume that there are also other daycare centers, kindergartens and crèches where best infans practice is implemented.

The teams of the following daycare centers offer educational staff, technical school teachers and specialist advisors the opportunity to get an insight into the practical implementation of the concept. If you are interested in visiting one of the above facilities, please call early to make an appointment. The offer is in high demand.

Selection of best practice daycare centers:
State of Brandenburg

Daycare center “Haus der kleine Strolche”
Head: Andrea Nöske
Steinwinkel 1
15569 Woltersdorf
Tel: 033362/79988-0 Fax: 03362 / 79988-22

Kappa Rappelkiste
Head: Sarah Schaub
Am Eiskutenberg 1
15838 Wünsdorf
Tel : 0333702/66505 e-mail:

Kita Hörlitzer Straße
Management / contact person: Jana Benz
Hörlitzer Straße 30
01968 Senftenberg

Day care center Altdöbern
Head: Gudrun Rothe
Jauersche Straße 2b
03229 Altdöbern

State of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Rieselfeld day care center
Head: Claudia Frey
Adelheid-Steinmann-Str. 6
79111 Freiburg
Tel .: 0761 / 201-3794

Haus am Hirzberg
Leitung: Maria Matzenmiller
Kartäuserstraße 105
19104 Freiburg
Tel.: 0761/201-3808

Kindertagesstätte Tausendfühler
Leitung: Peter Zürn
Belchenstraße 2
79115 Freiburg
Tel.: 0761/4766884

Kindertagesstätte Eckenhof
Leitung: Sabrina Stoll
Eckenhofstraße 51
78713 Schramberg
Tel.: 07422/52100

Tageseinrichtung für Kinder Kolpingstrasse
Leitung: Sabine Pfeffer
Kolpingstrasse 62
70378 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711/ 532343

Kita Zwärglihuus
Kantonspital Aarau AG
Leitung: Uschi Maurer
Westallee 19
CH-5000 Aarau
Tel. +41 62 838 40 75

Kita Frechdachs
Thkt familienservice GmbH
Leitung: Michaela Kurz
Heinrichstr. 255
CH-8005 Zürich
Tel.: 041 43 366 89 77

Deutscher Kindergarten Budapest
Leitung: Csilla Juhasz
Beatrix út 13
H-1121 Budapest
Tel: +36 1200 6230

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